Friday, March 14, 2014

new goals

It's been exactly a month since I posted - when my 6 week Biggest Loser competition came to an end. I had been planning on posting every Friday anyway, but life happens.

So here's a bit of a re-cap on the past 4 weeks.

The first week after the competition ended, I still did fairly well. Sure, I began consuming a *bit* more Pepsi again during the week, but I stayed consistent with my running.

The second week was still great with my running (I was proud of myself for continuing to run 10-15 miles every week), but the Pepsi was still an issue...AND, there was a carrot cake problem. I made carrot cake for a family birthday dinner, but there was A LOT of leftovers. Part of that was planned, but there was even more left over than what I had bargained for. And let's just say that carrot cake - with scrumptious cream cheese icing - is probably the biggest weakness for me. Like, we're talking even more than Pepsi or Nutella or Doritos. So, let's just say that it was a bad week and leave it at that.  :)

Week 3 following the end of the competition was really rough. That's when I put my back out...again. If you recall, the last time I put my back out - last June - it was a horrendously painful and long-running issue that had me down and out for months. I was terrified that the same thing was going to happen this time around and I was starting to lose all hope that I would ever get my body back to the way I wanted it. L.u.c.k.i.l.y. it only took a week for things to heal up (praise the LORD!!), but I was worried about how taking a week off of running would do to the roll I had been on before this. And, I did have some feel-sorry-for-myself days where my eating habits were not great either.

So this past week would be the 4th week since the competition came to an end. And at the start of the week, I was really discouraged. Sure, I was able to get back on the treadmill on Monday morning (picking right up with my 10 minute run/1 minute walk intervals - AND I knocked out 3 miles again right away (albeit at a slower pace), but I just knew that I had dug myself into a pretty big hole with the last couple of weeks' hinderances, and I just wasn't sure how to go about things.

This comic strip (that makes me literally laugh out loud everytime I read it) actually helped me get on track partway through this week. Of course I could do without the word "fat" - and also the word "diet" - but I just think how true to life it is for so many people (myself included). We're always waiting for "next week" to start. So while I started off the week feeling stuck in the hole, I was thinking that next week I would really get myself in gear.

But then this comic strip came to mind (I had seen it on Facebook last week sometime) and I thought: Heck, no! I wasn't going to wait till Monday...or the next Monday...or the next Monday. I was going to start TODAY. This was Tuesday.

But I actually didn't REALLY "start" till Wednesday.  :)

So by "start" - what does that mean?

Well, I have new goals. It's good to have goals. It pushes us and motivates us to accomplish something - as long as the goals are reasonable. If they are too far-fetched, I think they only set us up for failure. But keeping things realistic is the key - at least that's the case for me!

So my goals are to continue to follow my 3 main things that I have been trying to do for the past few months - limit Pepsi to weekends, keep evening snacking for Friday & Saturday and run 10-15 miles each week.

So what's the "new" part? The new overall goal is to fit into a pair of jeans that I wore a couple of years ago when I was at my absolute best shape I have ever been in. I tried them on the other day and, um...let's just say that I have a ways to go! So that means not only sticking to my 3 main "rules" I mentioned above - but to fill in the spaces with other good decisions too!

Now, I'm about to be brave and post a picture. NOT of the way these jeans "fit" me now ('cause they don't!), but in the way they're SUPPOSED to fit; the way they fit me almost 2 years ago. It was taken after I completed my personal 6 Week 6 Pack challenge and was almost exactly 2 years AFTER my weight loss journey began. I am not one to post pictures of my mid-section so this is a pretty big deal! But here it is: My inspiration of how I want to look day!

Okay, there it is. That's me when I was in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately I can't do the 6 Week 6 Pack challenge anymore (due to my back issues), but that doesn't mean that this goal is unattainable. Will it require hard work? Yes! Will it require sacrifices? Absolutely! But it is a goal that I really want to achieve. And it's a goal that takes the scale out of the equation, for the most part. Of course I do have a number in mind - I think it would be impossible to not have a goal weight - but I don't want the focus to be on that. In order to get my body back to this shape, I'm going to have to fight for it.

And so far this week it has worked. There have been temptations around every corner, and when I'm about to give in - I think about this picture (or better yet, LOOK AT IT) and it inspires me to make a better choice.

I'm not giving myself a deadline to reach this goal. But I am determined to reach it at some point.

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TammyIsBlessed said...

Keep it up - you can do it!

I need to whip things back in shape too. Still haven't lost those extra cruise pounds and we leave for Florida next week - oy.

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