Friday, February 14, 2014

so we meet again: week #6

Well, my 6 week Biggest Loser challenge came to an end today.

I'm not thrilled with the final outcome scale-wise...but I do have many positives that came out of the past 6 weeks [since it's NOT about the number on the scale anyway...right?!?].

First of all - aside from Week 1, there was a curve ball thrown at me each and every week after that. Week 2 was my birthday week. Week 3 was "that" week. Week 4 was when we had the natural gas outage for 72 hours and when I had my two wisdom teeth appointments (thinking I was getting them pulled out on the Monday, only to have to wait till the Friday) so that was a week filled with extra stress and anxiety. Week 5 was recovery from the wisdom teeth surgery and week 6 was getting over the extreme bloating that came with the high amounts of extra strength Advil I was on for 10 days due to an extremely painful dry socket at one of the tooth sites. As well as the start of "that" week...again.

And while I did let some of those events give me excuses to "give in" here and there...and there again, I didn't let them totally throw me off my course. Especially the past 11 days while I was trying to combat the bloating issues, I worked my butt off.

Here are some things (running-wise) I was particularly proud of in the past 11 days:

1) I decided to ditch the Couch to 5K program a week early (I was going to continue on with Week 6 and then just do my own thing after that, but I changed my mind). I wanted to push myself further than what the program was doing. So after doing Week 5 with running intervals of 5 and 3 minutes - I did one day where I did three sets of 5 minutes and then after that, I jumped up to 10 minute intervals. Wow, did that ever feel good!

2) Within the last few days, I also worked my way up from 2.4 miles to 3 miles. I haven't done THAT in a long time either, so that was a huge accomplishment.

3) I also upped my pace! So not only did I up my running intervals and my distance - but my speed?! I tell ya, I felt like Super Woman the first time I did that!

4) I ran 11 days in a row. Like, seriously! I didn't let anything get in my way. I didn't let my wisdom teeth recovery get in my way, I didn't let my busy work days get in my way, I didn't let the fact that I babysat 3 of my nieces/nephews for a few days get in my way. There were no excuses. I even ran once in the evening and twice on the weekend! Those things aren't unusual when I run outdoors in spring/summer - but for winter treadmill running? Uh, yeah...if it doesn't happen by mid-afternoon on a weekday, it just doesn't happen. But I changed that mindset and gave it my all.

Besides the running, I did great with limiting evening snacking to the weekend this past week. I may have flubbed with the Pepsi this week (only having gone without Pepsi on Tuesday if my memory serves me correctly), but that's okay. I won't let that become a common thing, it just happened this week.

There is another round of competition starting up in a couple of weeks, but I won't be joining in this time. I am going to carry on with my consistent running (not necessarily regularly doing 11 days in a, my legs are t-i-r-e-d!) and limiting my Pepsi and evening snacking. Other than that, I am going to life live and enjoy it!

And today? Today, I rest...

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