Friday, February 7, 2014

so we meet again: week #4 and #5

Last week Friday I didn't post anything because I was busy getting two wisdom teeth pulled - so today will be two weeks in one.

Week #4 was basically a write-off for me. The week was full of stresses from our natural gas being shut off for 72 hours, an appointment to get my wisdom teeth pulled by local anesthetic on Monday which then got switched to Friday by being put under...I was an anxious wreck the entire week. Not good.

I did run 2 times between weigh-in's though - Friday, and Tuesday I think - but since that did not complete week 4 of the Couch to 5K, I decided to re-do it this week.

This week was hard too though - what else is knew?? My weekend was spent recovering from the wisdom teeth surgery, and while I thought it would be "good timing" to lose a few pounds by not being able to eat much, the opposite seemed to happen. I was starving all weekend, and with being limited to foods I can eat, nothing good really entered my mouth. Lots of ice cream and jell-o...stuff that doesn't fill you up so you keep eating, but it's stuff that has a lot of calories. Bad combination. Then when I was able to eat more, I was still in the feeling-sorry-for-myself mode so I didn't really care what I did. Add to that a Superbowl party with chips galore (among other things)...when Monday morning hit, I was in a pretty deep hole.

I did run on my treadmill 5 times this week though (!!!). Even on Monday when I was still quite sore and exhausted from my surgery, I went on my treadmill. Granted, I didn't actually run my running intervals - rather I walked them on an incline so as to have as little jarring movements as possible - but I still did it. And I only had Pepsi on Monday during the week so that was a success in my books too. I did do some evening snacking early in the week though, and that seems to be a killer for me. I also felt really bloated for the first few days of the week, and I'm not sure if part of that was because of the medication I was on (especially the constipation that comes with the T3's). I definitely feel more normal yesterday and today already, but I know that overall my last two weeks have not been huge successes.

As a side note, in regards to the Couch to 5K running program...I know I initially said I was going to follow it exactly - not jump ahead or stay behind - but of course that has changed. Not only because of having to re-do Week 4 this week but because I'm ready to just do my own thing now again. Originally I needed to start the program to get me running more than a few minutes over a 10 minute span of being on the treadmill. Now I'm up to 30 minutes on the treadmill every time, and after completing Week 4 by Wednesday already, I did my own thing yesterday and today and ended up with four 5-minute running intervals in the 30 minutes. Next week there are only three 5-minute running intervals, so I've already surpassed that. And once it gets to the later weeks where I'm supposed to be running 25 and 30 minutes straight...well, that's just not really how I do things. When I am in my running groove in spring/summer, I always run at 10 and 1 intervals. Those 1 minute walk breaks give my legs the rest they need to keep on going at a faster pace.

So I'm thankful for the Couch to 5K program for getting me back on my feet in the running department, but we will soon be parting ways. I think this next week I will do Week 6 (with two 5-minute and one 8-minute intervals) and then after that I will jump to my 10 and 1's and then just continue doing that consistently 4(ish) times a week.

And that, coupled with my lack of evening snacking and Pepsi intake on weekdays, will hopefully soon start translating into noticeable loss of inches. Right now I'm not getting the visual that I want when I stand in front of the mirror - BUT I am learning to ignore the number on the scale and just go by how my body feels.

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